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Monday May 04th, 2020




A number of clients have asked how easy, or how difficult is it to sign real estate documents electronically.

And this question is being asked more frequently since covid-19 started.

This video tutorial walks you through the signature process step-by-step so that you become familiar with signing paperwork online. You can sign electronically using any device that has internet access by logging into your email account. So go grab the electronic device you feel most comfortable with and follow along.

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Full Video Transcript:


Hey guys, it's Karen from Toronto here.

Now, a number of our clients have been asking how easy or how difficult is it to sign paperwork electronically? And this

question has been coming up more frequently since covid-19 started.

So in today's video, I'm going to show you how user-friendly it is to sign paperwork electronically. And you can sign electronically using any device that's connected to the internet. All you have to do is log into your email. So you can use a desktop computer, you can use a tablet such as an iPad and you can also use your smartphone as well.

I'll walk you through the signature process step-by-step.

So let's get into this.

First off, go get any electronic device that you have, which you feel most comfortable using and log

into your email account. For the example I'll walk you through, I'm using my laptop computer and my gmail account.

So the first step is to log into your email account. In this case I'm using my Gmail account. And you want to open up the

email that your real estate agent sent you for the electronic signature of the documents.

Now, you will also probably notice some of their, your agents information at the top or at the bottom.

You're going to want to click on this start signing button right here. And it will open up either a new tab or a new

window. Now the first thing that comes up here is your signature and your initials.

So there is a default signature and initial, and you can choose to have this if you wish. You would just click accept. Now,

if you wish to have a different font, you can select a different style of font.

Let's say I wish this one instead, just click on that and click save and you'll see that it's been adjusted. The alternative option is to also draw your own signature if you wish to personalize it. Have your signature and your initial adopted. And that's what it would come out like. I'm probably going to go back and use something a little bit more clear. So let's say I like this. I'm going to click accept.

Here it pops up your contract that you will be signing.

Now you have the option to review this in further detail so that you know exactly what you're signing before you formally sign off on this document.

So let's say we've already reviewed this together. We're going to click the start button right up here and it will just, as you notice, it will automatically bring you to where the initial signature or date is required. So all you have to do is just bring your mouse on top of the highlighted part and just click on it and it will bring you to the next one. Click on that.

And now, it's now the third block. And you can see the progress here as you go along. So we are 50% done signing and dating this particular document. Now, this up here was actually a signature. These were initials and this date auto-populated by itself. Now the last signature block is this one, 5 of 6, so this will be the 6 of 6. And you can either stay and review the document. You can reset everything in case you wish to remove all of your signatures and your initials. Or you can complete the signing.

Now if you complete the signing, it will ask if you want to create your own account. Now you don't need to create your own account to get a copy of that document that you just signed off on. If you click No Thanks, what will happen is in your inbox in a few minutes, you will receive a copy of the signed document.

Now, here's a tip to remember. Speak to your real estate agent over the phone and ask them to walk you through the legal documents before you formally sign off on any paperwork.

With my clients, when it comes to electronic signatures I spend at least a good 10-15 minutes with them over the phone explaining all the details of the real estate contract and especially highlighting the most important points of the paperwork. This way my clients know exactly what they are signing off on and they feel 100% comfortable and confident before they formally sign off on any of the paperwork.

And now you know how user-friendly and easy it is to sign paperwork electronically.

So I'm curious, have any of you signed paperwork electronically before? And if you did, was it for the real estate industry or another industry?

Let us know in the comments below.

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