How to verify property ownership

How to Verify Property Ownership. Document to verify title ownership on a home

Monday Jun 08th, 2020




Earlier this week, a client who recently purchased a home had asked us if he would receive any formal document verifying his new home ownership 🏡

If you're curious to know how home ownership is verified, feel free to watch the video or scroll down below to read the full video transcript. Thank you for watching!



Full Video Transcript:


Hey guys, it's Karen from Toronto here.

Now earlier this week, one of our clients asked a question that you might be thinking of as well.

He had asked if he would receive any sort of formal document verifying his new home ownership.

So the answer is, your real estate lawyer will provide you with a copy of the deed and they may provide you with a hard copy of the deed, but they certainly will provide you with an electronic copy of it.

All the other professionals that are involved in the real estate transaction such as the real estate lawyer, the real estate agent and also maybe the mortgage broker who is involved in a loan, they all rely on title ownership records.

Now, real estate agents in the Greater Toronto Area such as myself, we have access to title ownership records online through a website called Geowarehouse.

The general public is able to pay a small fee to Geowarehouse if they wish to access the records on that company's website.

As an alternative to searching for title ownership online, there is the option to do it in person and anybody can go to their local governing board such as their local city hall, to search for title ownership records since this is public information.

So again, the title ownership record is the only way to verify property ownership. And while it's not common for real estate agents to share that title ownership record with their clients, real estate agents do you have access to those records and we can easily share a PDF or screenshot of the title ownership with our clients if they wish.

Now, the only formal document that real estate agents pass along to their clients is the purchase agreement. And clients receive a copy of the purchase agreement as soon as it's signed off on. Nowadays, the vast majority of purchase agreements are all done electronically, which makes it very convenient to share that document with a client in a time-sensitive manner. So let us know in the comments below if you have any real estate questions that you'd like us to answer next.

And in the meantime, if you have any questions or needs, give us a call.


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